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We host a state-of-the-art treatment facility for both online and offline treatments of fabrics for all kinds of medical and hygiene applications. The European technology backed by our expertise is capable of executing a wide range of customised treatments like:

Technical Specifications


Antistatic Treatment (AS) of Nonwoven Fabrics prevents potential life-threatening accidents caused by the static charge created due to haste.

The 2-types of antistatic treatments available for medical PPEs made from nonwoven fabrics:

A. Inherent Treatment
In this treatment, the resins are additivated with the AS masterbatch during the extrusion stage. The AS properties infused through this treatment process are optimal and deliver average performance.

B. Topical Treatment
In this process, the fabric is first manufactured on a spunbond/spunmelt production line and is then treated for the AS properties inline with an appropriate application technique. This method ensures better efficacy due to its surface application. There are some “AS” chemistries available that deliver AS performance with a minimum drop in Hydrohead barrier.

Alcohol Repellent

To ensure optimum protection during urgencies and emergencies, Alcohol Repellent (AR) treatment is highly recommended. Our treatment infuses fabric with alcohol-repellent properties from AR 7 to AR 9 categories with the highest Hydrostatic Head as required to stop alcohol penetration.

Antiviral / Antimicrobial

Specialised treatments for high risk situations such as virus outbreaks for special medical cases where the risk of spreading or contracting microbes is high, our antiviral / antimicrobial treated fabrics ensure the highest protection for the patients and medical professionals.


Treated with Hydrophilic properties, the fabric becomes capable of holding liquids. Our high-quality ultrasoft hydrophilic nonwovens are extremely comfortable, making them perfect for producing adult, baby, and femcare hygiene products.

Medical Laminates

Medical Laminates made of Spunmelt Nonwovens with breathable films ensure superior protection against Blood pathogens and viruses while prevailing the user’s comfort. Our Speciality Laminates meet the highest standards of protection ensuring infection control.

High-end Botanical Extracts

The hygiene products are treated with natural compounds and extracts like Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Silk Protein, and Chamomile to ensure a soothing and comfortable experience for users.