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Our Edge


  • Fully integrated Solution provider for Single-Use Medical and Hygiene applications
  • Online Packaging Solution to provide Non-contact packaging of Medical and Hygiene products
  • Our belief in joint development with raw material suppliers technology providers and enduse customers
  • Our stakeholders – going beyond to the final consumers
  • Industry 4.0


  • Our Innovation and Research & Development Centre is designed and processed to build a Centre of Excellence
  • Driven by professionals to co-create for value-added products and developments on the boundaries of our technology
  • Open to embrace the new trends and Innovations in the technical textile domain
  • Our innovation is driven by continuous improvement and sustainability


  • We would like to partner with our customers to support their markets
  • Identify the problems on the supply chain and production to facilitate seamless flow of fabrics to their facilities
  • Identify new product innovations/upcoming trends in Medical and Hygiene on providing better USPs to our customers for their markets
  • Understand the customers market more profoundly to help them with providing better solutions to their markets
  • Willing to promote specialized customers for their export markets through our network base
  • Help them scale up for their high-value products
  • Hear from our customers and invest on newer technologies


  • Product Quality – Confirming to International Standards
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Comply with ISO
  • Comply with Customer standards
  • Manjushree Standards incorporating Global Standard Practices


  • EN Standards
  • AAMI Standards
  • AATCC Standards
  • BIS Standards

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